Since 1982, Keltec-Technolab is the largest manufacturer and supplier of air-oil separators in North America.


Technolab Keltec  was founded in 1982 by Ed Kaiser, Sr., formerly an engineer of the Air Maze Corporation for over 20 years. With initial production of air-oil separators, Keltec eventually added air-intake filters, oil filters, coalescing filters and synthetic compressor lubricants. Recently Keltec acquired Technolab (a former division of Flair Corporation), another air-oil separator manufacturer making the new Keltec-Technolab the largest manufacturer and supplier of air-oil separators in North America. Today, Keltec-Technolab provides their products as original equipment to most of the major manufacturers of air compressors in North America.

Keltec compressor filters and oil are suitable replacements for all major competitive interchanges. The technical characteristics of Keltec products can be found within this guide. Keltec filters have successfully replaced all other major brands of OEM and replacement filters in literally tens of thousands of applications.

Keltec guarantees that its filters will meet or exceed the specifications and performance of the OEM, and further, that customers replacing OEM filters with Keltec filters will experience no filter related difficulty. Among the main customers Technolab Keltec has a very large list of renowned OEMs like: Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Quincy, Comp Air, Le Roi, Kaeser, York, Frick and so on. All our customers know that Technolab Keltec products are manufactured with the highest industry standards including: ANSI / CAGI Institute ADF  400-1999 Compressed Air and Gas, ISO / FDIS 8573-4 and code number of sale 1DJ40 U.S. Government. 

The quality of our products, logistics, purchasing, technical advice and service we offer is unsurpassed. We invite you to learn more of what has made us the world leader in the filtration of compressed air and gas.